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Why Authentic VAT consultant is needed?

VAT is an indirect tax enforced on all goods and services that are bought and sold.VAT consultants provide services like VAT services, VAT requirements, VAT services and audit etc.Tax will be applied in Saudi Arabia from the beginning of January 2018,which means 5% VAT to be implemented in transaction of various goods,products and services as well as on the use of public infrastructure and services.The gradual development of VAT system would add the income of state treasury too.There will also be some items with a zero tax.Establishments with revenues exceeding 375,000 riyals will be suggested to be registered for paying value added tax at the time of sale.A consultant can help you to document all transactions related to sales and value added tax so that it can esily be check at anytime.Our dedicated team provides a detailed report of the results of our audits, in accordance with the legal procedures after the approval from the client.In addition they also attend meetings with the re…